About Us

Established in 2017, TMK Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the Malay Bumiputera pioneer in the industry specializing in tinted films.

Professional and Expert Car Tint Specialist

Founded by Mohd Fadzli Che Harun, TMK has come a long way from being a small company with only two employees, to having a numbers of branch of tinted store and expanding.

On 2017, founders had a vision to start a company where he can provide installation services for windows film at an affordable cost, and given an opportunity to others to kick-start a career. Reaching 2023, we had opened 50 branches.

Our Core Values


We educate and guide our customer first before they make decisions. Various film options are offered according to customer tastes and vehicle suitability.


We selected from good quality to high end quality of tinted so that customers have nothing to worry.


We ensure customer satisfaction during and after services

Up to 7 Years Warranty of UV Protection

Our Mission

To be the first Malay Bumiputera with own brand and act as a large distributor in Malaysia and international.

Our Vision

Able to launch 100 branches in five years. 

Educate and attract more people in joining solar film business.

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