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Semua cawangan UVKool Tint masih beroperasi seperti biasa walaupun di negeri yang terlibat dengan PKPBAmalkan jarak 1 meterSentiasa memakai maskKerap menggunakan sanitizer atau basuh tangan dengan sabun

Professional & Detail Craftsmanship

UV-KOOL Installers are professionally to provide dedicated service and are distinguished by their attention to details, precision and craftmanship.

We are sought to be incredibly attentive in our work task and determine to deliver the best for our client.



Standard Tinted made up of dyed film and carbon film which has many dark and color rate options. UV rates up to 99% and IR of this film range from 30-45%. IR varies according to different dark rates. Durability and warranty are 2 years and above. This tinted has a choice of up to 12 different color types or dark rates.


Color Reflex

The only reflex tinted like a mirror from outside and also from inside the car. This tinted has a relatively high IR up to 90%, but this type of tinted is more to cosmetic tinted and 100% wrong according to JPJ rules. The color will fade for a short period and thus, this tinted is used for commercial tinted such as buildings and even offices or homes. There are two different qualities, Korea and even US. US technology slows down the process of fading because US film is better.


Alloy Series

These are tinted options that only give a reflex (like a mirror) at the minimum / normal level. It is also known as Metalized Tint. The IR rate is in the range of 50-65% which is considered good and has a longer lifespan than Color Reflex tinted. Warranty is longer and there is an option for the the darkness rate of passing JPJ rules.


Platinum Black

Among the Best Seller tinted in the good IR category, long lasting durability as well as options for JPJ specifications. This tinted is more evergreen (suitable all the time) for any type of car and the selection of this product is only black. Has different dark rates you can shoose from. IR up to 85% and also suitable for professionals, young people and literally anyone.


Premium Series

In this category, UV KOOL has several types of high end films, such as Nano Ceramic, Sputter and Sputtering Nano Ceramic. All three types of films have IR over than 90%. Has the best heat resistance for comfortable driving and passenger comfort. Nano Ceramic, Sputter and Sputtering Nano Ceramic film technology give the best heat rejection but differs in functionality and features. These quality tinted provides a guarantee of up to 7 years.


Security Tint

This safety tinted has a thickness from 4mil to 5mil. In addition to protecting drivers and passengers from UV rays, ‘security’ films are able to prevent broken / broken glass fragments from drifting or scattering in the event of an accident or a car being broken into. It should be noted that the security film is not 100% impenetrable because in an emergency, the vehicle windows still need to be accessed by the rescue mission. This type of tinted does not cause the window not to break if knocked, it just slows down the process of breaking.

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UV-KOOL Installers are professionally to provide dedicated service and are distinguished by their attention to details, precision and craftmanship.

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an Excellence with a workmanlike manner in assisting and completing from the first step in till you walk out off store.

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What Our Clients Say

UV-KOOL Installers are professionally to provide dedicated service and are distinguished by their attention to details, precision and craftmanship.

Saya berpuas hati dengan servis pemasangan, harga juga berpatutan, siap dapat diskaun lagi.
Amira Nabilla
Google Review
Recommended tinted shop 👍. Friendly and great service. It is a good choice for you to tint your own car. Professional skill worker.
Sia Aryoung
Facebook Review
Pemasangan yg sangat teliti Dan kemas.. really recommended 👍
Syazwan Hashim
Google Review
Last 4 years pasang for my Myvi.. Last year pasang for my wife’s Myvi.. Today pasang for my Honda.. Good staff! Good environment + good PKPB SOP.. Keep it up! Sincerely from me.
Mohd Zaidin Faisal
Facebook Review
Good service, fast installment.. less then 1 hour for all windows + rear windscreen.. i went there during lunch break.. recomended!
Pait Tere
Facebook Review
Tempat tinted kereta yg sgt bagus brdasarkan kualiti dan hrga dan juga amat memahami pelanggan. Senang berkongsi info dan mmberikan pndpt kpd driver wanita yg kurg informasi tntng hal yg mmbbitkn kreta. 👍👍👍👍
Nur 'Aqilah
Google Review
Kualiti material dan servis terbaik daripada pekerja.
Mohd Zamri Abdullah
Google Review
Puas hati dgn servis. Recommended!
Khaidir Khai'Vk Nover
Good Service😚Got A Lot Of Colors Of Tinted....I Don't Know Wat Colour Need To Choose....Lastly I'm Choose Blue Colours...It's So Nice...My Car Look Good Bfr Then Now😉Thanks Guys Make My Car Wonderful😚💕
Praveen Kumaresan
Facebook Review
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